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Sometimes you get bored and lack motivation to do something. What do you do when you’re me, a guy who writes silly things on the internet and looking for dumb stuff to write about.

That’s right, time for some thrift store shopping~

I will admit that most of the items I found are random curiosities more than anything. There are some fairly common and interesting things in here, however, and may be something to write about in a future blog post. If all else fails, it’s a good document of all the junk I get and how I got it.

I roamed around the Oak Grove/Oregon City area for this, checking two chain thrift stores and a Goodwill, plus a special hobby shop on the edge of Oregon City. So let’s rock.

Four CDs (99 cents each)


There’s a post-it over Quake III Team Arena because the CD key would otherwise be visible. Granted, it probably doesn’t mean much these days…

My first hit was a local chain thrift store. I thought I was gonna strike out, but the CDs I got have some interest.

I had Quake Mission Pack 1: Scourge of Armagon, but not the second expansion, Dissolution of Eternity. Now I do. I remember not hearing too many great things, but hey, might as well get it to complete my Quake collection.

I also snagged Quake III Team Arena, aka the “holy shit Unreal Tournament is SUPER POPULAR let’s make this hasty expansion” game. Again, mostly to complete the collection. Nowadays Quake Live pretty much fills the Quake III/Team Arena void, so this are more for collection’s sake.

The third and final game is Shellshock Nam ’67, one of the many Vietnam War games that came out in the early to mid 2000s. This game is notable for being made by Guerrilla Games, the guys who’d be later known for the semi-popular Killzone series. This was the sole game they made independently before Sony bought them around 2004. I don’t know if this game’s any good, but it can’t be that bad, can it?

Then there’s the last one: A Cheetah Girls Karaoke CD. This is probably the weirdest of the lot, but I bought it because it’s a Karaoke CD that supports the CD+G format for Karaoke machines (and related devices, such as the Sega CD and 3DO). I wrote about it briefly a few years ago, you can check that out here.

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My demo disc collection.

I think demo discs are pretty cool. As I mentioned in a previous entry, they gave us an opportunity to play a game before it was released, as well as give us other useful tidbits and secrets. Sadly, high-speed internet has quashed the demo disc, but I still hold a fondness for them. Here are most of the demo discs I own:

Almost all the demo discs I have. Not featured: The Rainbow Six 3 Companion Demo Disc, a Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts demo disc, and some acquisitions made after this article was made.

To me, demo discs are a great snapshot of the video games of old to me. They give gamers like me a chance to gleam into what gaming was like in that time period. For instance, look at this menu of a PC Gamer demo disc circa late 1999:

Look at this menu! It’s so late ’90s it hurts!

Look at it. The menu, as well as some of the pages, have remnants of late 90s web design. There’s web pages that seem like a flashback to the the early days of the internet, complete with tiled backgrounds, varied fonts and goofy animated gifs. There’s even a gallery of really bad photoshops of former PC Gamer mascot Coconut Monkey in there just to drive it home that this is a byproduct of late 1990s PC gaming culture.

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Before online gaming, back in the days when dial-up was the only means of internet access for many, there was the demo disc. The demo disc was a means for gamers to try out games and see if they were worth buying. Nowadays, almost everyone downloads demos of games through their consoles over high-speed connections, and the demo disc died a sad, quick death. But who knew a simple demo disc for a tactical shooter would be one of the only ways to get exclusive downloadable content for another game?

Cover of Rainbow Six 3 Companion Demo Disc

This is Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3: Exclusive Companion Demo Disc. I found it for a few dollars at a nearby Goodwill. While I like the concept of demo discs, and occasionally have collected a few, I was ready to ignore this little item. Until I found out something interesting about this particular disc.

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