So, as I go through the games one by one on Budget Shooter Theater, I realized that putting a list of the games I played at the end of every post may become too unwieldy after a while, so I made this master list.

After I finish (or abandon) a game, I write how I felt about it. It might be good, it might be bad. If you wanna see the games I’ve already played and written about, this is the place.

# Name Requested by
#1 The Ultimate Doom Me! (TonicBH)
#2 007: Nightfire (PC) Bobinator
#3 Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (2015 remaster) Me! (TonicBH)
#4 Christopher Brookmyre’s Bedlam: The Game Me! (TonicBH)
#5 Serious Sam: The Second Encounter Cambertian
#6 Doom II: Hell on Earth LordMisfit
#7 Blood TheGiantRobot

If you want to request a game, leave a comment on here or another post, or contact me on Twitter or the Facebook group. I go through these in the order they’re requested, so it may take a while to get to yours. Also, please check this list to make sure you’re not requesting something I’ve already played. PC games only, please.