The origin of the name “You Found a Secret Area”

So you may be asking where the name comes from. It’s a reference to the 1996 first-person shooter Quake. When finding a secret in the level itself, this message would pop up:

Thus I found the name of my blog. The name makes sense: You’re gonna find really oddball gaming-related stuff in here. The other name I had in mind was “A Secret is Revealed,” which came from Blood (1997), but more famously known to show up in many modern Doom source ports. I’m not sure which one originated it, either Boom or ZDoom.

Then I went with “You Found a Secret,” thinking that was the exact phrase.

Then months later I realized I left a word out, so I changed it to the current name. I often call this site “The Secret Area” as an informal secondary name. Easy to say, easy to advertise.

So why is the domain still “youfoundasecret”? I’m too lazy to change the domain name and break all kinds of links, so this will work for now until I bother to actually put this on a domain and not a free WordPress blog. 😛


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