About the Secret Area

(Wondering where the name came from? Look here.)

Welcome to “You Found a Secret Area,” a blog all about the obscure, the odd, the unknown and other miscellanea about the world of video games.

You will not find this at You Found a Secret Area:

  • Sizzling reviews and previews for the hottest new games. (Doesn’t mean this is strictly retro games only, I like all generations of games.)
  • Stupid console war debates.
  • Internet shows with obnoxious hosts.
  • Articles about boots. (That’s silly.)

What you will find is this:

I hope you enjoy what the site has to offer. This idea was in my head for years before I started it on January 2012, as there was a dire lack of places that cover some of this stuff. I’m not the first to tackle this kind of subject matter, but I hope you find what you see here interesting.

There’s also a Facebook page as well as a (currently dormant) YouTube channel.

I do this strictly as a labor of love, and don’t get paid for my work. If you love my work, leaving a comment, sharing or liking the post helps, but if you really want to support my work, I have a Ko-Fi that you can support. Every little bit helps!

Logo, header and background by Cassidy of the Bad Game Hall of Fame.

About the webmaster: B.J. Brown is a Portland, Oregon native who likes silly things like video game junk, action movies, and dumb television. You can find their personal blog here, and you find them on pretty much every social media thing imaginable:

Twitter: @TonicBH
Tumblr: TonicBH
and of course, you could also email me. Because this is the internet, and email will never die.



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