A pile of items off my desk.

So I’m a messy person. My desk is usually cluttered with loads of junk on it. It doesn’t help that my desk is straight out of 1995, complete with old shelves and cut holes to plug stuff in like printers. I was fed up, and on Monday I decided to clean up my desk. It’s less of a mess now, but I then found a bunch of junk that I couldn’t have the heart to throw away.

I had a bunch of old school IDs and school bus passes, papers for stuff I did about 2-3 years ago, old phone bills, and just loads and loads of junk I should’ve tossed. But there’s a small amount of stuff I found that’s worth writing something about. So here it is:

Isn’t it a pretty sight? Yeah, this might have more toys than games, I don’t think you guys will mind. Let’s start from the top.

  • Atari Catalog from 1982 (?). I honestly forgot I had this. Covers Atari’s game library for the 2600. Sadly, the front cover is badly damaged, but the rest of it is in good shape. You could sign up for the Atari Game Club, which apparently someone did. I think I got this along with some 2600 boxes and a Super Mario Bros. 3 guide from a garage sale years ago.
  • Laser Pop projector candy. It’s a sucker that doubled as a flashlight. Got this years ago as a gimmick purchase, held onto it because of the concept. I’ve heard of Ring Pops, but I didn’t see Laser Pops getting popular. The light still works, surprisingly.
  • Twin Super Brick Game 2-in-1: It’s a Chinese Tetris Clone. Got this somewhere, complete with a box that had “SUPER BRICK CAME” on the side of it. If I ever find the box, I’ll give this a quick video review.
  • Tiger Electronics catalog from 1998. Ah, Tiger Electronics. Makers of so many god damn electronic handheld games that now rot on the shelves of Goodwills everywhere. I’m actually fascinated by a bunch of the items on display, like the Game.com and R-Zone, Tiger’s attempts to tackle the portable video game market, as well as the “grip games” featuring Duke Nukem 3D. They were even selling Talkboys! I was surprised those were still popular by this time!
  • Back to the Future watch. I like Back to the Future. It’s my favorite film trilogy, partially because of the time travel aspect, but because it has such a wonderful charm over 25 years later. The watch itself is more stylized like an old style watch where you’d put it on your belt or something. I honestly don’t know where I got this.
  • SEGA IR7000 Communicator. This is a really nice piece of obscurity: A Sega PDA from the late 90s. It does the typical PDA stuff: Calendars, contacts, a calculator… But it also had a fighting game where you’d fight with other owners of the IR7000 and get XP, or compete against the AI, which was a cheating bastard. Alas, I’ve never found anyone else who owned this thing. $10 at a Goodwill long long ago.
  • Destructoid sticker. Got this at PAX Prime 2012. Destructoid is an alright site worth visiting.
  • My old phone. A Samsung Transform. My first smartphone, and it was one hell of a learning experience, realizing the thing ran an old version of the Android OS, was slow as hell, and couldn’t play any games. I upgraded to a Galaxy SIII this year, and it’s a drastic improvement.
  • Back to the Future Part II model DeLorean. Inspired by Micro Machines, this came in a two-car set along with the futuristic car from 2015 (that I’ve since lost). Pretty cool toy.
  • Pokemon Tic-Tac-Toe. This is really cool: It reminds me of the old “Toss Across” games, even though it’s just regular ass Tic-Tac-Toe. You flip the knobs on the side to reveal Pikachu or Raichu. It’s built on a keychain, so I bet a kid circa 1999 could be the cool kid on the block with this toy. Okay, maybe not, but it’s a cool toy nonetheless.
  • Link figure from The Legend of Zelda. I think I got this at a Round Table Pizza at one of them vending machines that dispensed toys. I had another cool toy from that same place: A mini-projector of images from Super Donkey Kong 2. Yeah, somehow a Japanese toy came to the US without anyone questioning it, or even correcting it to the US title (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest). Sadly that got damaged and thrown away a long time ago. 😦
  • Army figurine. One of two items from the Wunderland visit back in December. The other item, the top, is in a plastic bag somewhere.
  • Chuck E. Cheese token. Oh snap, this is a blast from the past. Remember Chuck E. Cheese? If you don’t, it was much cooler when you were a kid. Nowadays they’re probably a shadow of their former selves. Funny enough, there is still a Chuck E. Cheese not too far from my house. I bet it’s a joy to visit these days.
  • Rubber band Axe. This is from some PAX booth, I just couldn’t tell you which one.
  • Bunch of old DDR1 RAM. I end up with a bunch of old computer junk, like video cards from years ago, a PCI wireless adapter that supports 802.11b, and this RAM. I think there’s about 2-3GB there. The question is: Who needs DDR1 RAM nowadays? Does it even work? If it doesn’t, where would you go to get rid of it besides tossing it into the trash?
  • Senario Games motion basketball LCD game. Our final item is a weird LCD game where you use the shoulder buttons on the ball to shoot in the game. Bought this at a Sporting Goods store, probably isn’t fun at all to play.

As for the other stuff in the picture, it’s just dinky stuff like a hairbrush,  my watch, and a Swiffer duster. Nothing too special there. Yeah, this was a silly entry for me to write. But I have a bunch of game-related junk, and I like sharing it to people. Someone’s bound to find this cool, right? 🙂

Also, I did a lot of stuff yesterday, including finding some game and magazine deals, which will be featured in an upcoming Game Finds video. Stay tuned!


Pokemon Monopoly: Gotta catch ’em all!

Monopoly, the classic property building board game. Also known as “that one game that goes on forever because dummies add house rules that make a two hour game go on longer than it should.” No, you don’t get money on Free Parking, you must auction a property if you don’t buy it, and you get $200 if you land on GO, not $400. At least it’s a better board game than Risk, now that one’s a pain to play.

I have a large Monopoly collection, from Disney Monopoly to Seattle Mariners Monopoly to one of those bootleg “Build Your Own” Monopoly clones made for Windows 3.1. Though, much like everything in life, I took it to excess and got sick of collecting them, shoving all the various Monopoly games I got in my garage, some of which have never been opened. However, buried between Deluxe Edition Monopoly and Michael Graves Monopoly, there was this special edition:

Yeah, they made a Pokemon Monopoly game. Gotta catch em all, I guess. This edition was made back in 1999. Pokemon fever was in full swing, and this was before Hasbro licensed Monopoly to USAopoly to make such silly spinoffs as The Beatles Monopoly and Rolling Stones Trivial Pursuit. I don’t remember how I got this, but I think I might’ve “borrowed” this from my grandma and never gave it back, I can’t be certain.

I’m going to assume you all know the rules of Monopoly, so instead I’ll just cover the noticeable differences between this and the original you know and hate love.

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Game finds January 2013: Video edition.

Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve done a blog entry on game finds. I found a bunch of stuff, and decided to get with the times and actually make a video out of it.

I decided to get back into the groove of making YouTube videos. I used to make videos from around 2007-2010, but lost interest for reasons I can’t explain. Realizing that YouTube is a thing I shouldn’t ignore in 2013, I started a new YouTube channel dedicated to this blog. I’ll likely be making videos from time to time, including making the game finds entries more video-focused.

For those who can’t view YouTube, here’s a quick summary of what I got over the course of January:

  • Largo Winch.// Commando SAR (PS1): A budget title by Ubisoft based on a French TV series, which in itself is based on a Belgian comic book. We never got either of those.
  • Wipeout XL/2097 soundtrack: CD soundtrack featuring some of the artists who contributed tracks to the game, with a bunch of other electronic artists thrown in for good measure. After the video, I accidentally dropped the CD on the floor, shattering parts of the case. CD still works, though.
  • Sonic Mega Collection Plus (Xbox): Sonic compilation. Better than the original Mega Collection since you don’t need to play Sonic 3 500 times to unlock Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
  • DJ Hero 2 (360): Shrinkwrapped. Dozens of copies in one Goodwill. If you got the original DJ Hero and/or the turntable, check your Goodwills! Funny enough, this Goodwill is the same one where I also found Blur and Singularity shrinkwrapped.
  • American McGee’s Alice (PC) with Strategy guide: Found at a different Goodwill, the ones with everything in bins. Thankfully this was locked away in a case. Box is crushed, but the strategy guide is a nice bonus.

I’ll likely be making more video content in the coming weeks. I forgot how fun it is to make videos sometimes.