Trivial Pursuit: The Pocket Player Set.

When I started doing this blog, I wanted to specifically cover goofy stuff about video games. But today we’re breaking the chain. We’re going rogue, and not in a political sense. Oh, we’ll still be talking about games, board games to be exact. Well, the closest thing to a board game, anyway.

Remember Trivial Pursuit? Yeah, that board game where you’re given ridiculously hard trivia questions about history stuff and maybe a question or two on something you actually know? Considered a game of strong intellect, it’s been degenerated to having at least 5-6 special editions each year dedicated to various TV shows and movies. I can totally understand making one on Saturday Night Live, but is there seriously enough content to make a Rolling Stones Trivial Pursuit? (I wonder how many questions mention their heavy drug and sex habits)

Back in the 80s, before Hasbro acquired Trivial Pursuit and thought it was a good idea to make one based off Lord of the Rings and Nickelodeon shows, there weren’t as many spinoffs of the game. Most of them were based off subject matter like the 20s, movies, Disney, and even several kids editions. You might have seen these and many others at your local thrift store, as Trivial Pursuit seems to be a common thrift store dumping ground, next to other board games like bad licensed TV show games and that one incomplete copy of 1970s-era Monopoly with mysterious stains on it. But what I saw was something I hadn’t seen before, and I couldn’t resist snatching it up.

This is the Trivial Pursuit “Pocket Player Set”: Boob Tube edition. It’s a travel version of Trivial Pursuit. This makes about as much sense as making a travel version of Hungry Hungry Hippos. I believe this is the only attempt by Selchow & Righter — the original Trivial Pursuit rights holders — to actually make a travel version, because I had never seen anything like this before or since.

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Budget Purgatory: Vietnam: Black Ops

Oh hey, it’s been a while since I done one of these. Way back in January, to be exact. So let’s enter another chapter in Budget Hell. Or rather, Budget Purgatory. Because today’s game is not really that awful. I mean, it’s not good, but I wouldn’t say it’s as awful as Elite Forces WWII: Iwo Jima. Our victim for today is a game called Black Ops.

Oh come on, you probably thought I was talking about this too at first.

No, no, silly, not that Black Ops. That’s hardly a budget game, and it’s actually a good game, despite what haters may say. No, the actual title is Vietnam: Black Ops, and it was made way back in the year 2000. (Insert your “In the year 2000” joke here.) It was made by a podunk little studio called Fused Software, and this is their only game. There isn’t anything notable by any of the designers of this game — outside of a few credits by Google searching the developer’s names in five minutes — so there isn’t any dirt I can dish out of these guys. Unless you’re reading this and you worked on this game, then please leave a comment because I wanna know people worked on this. Oh, and this is another Valusoft joint. Kinda fitting, since THQ sold Valusoft off recently, so we may see a Valusoft budget game renaissance. At least something besides freakin’ copies of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 on my PC budget aisles.

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