So about a few months back, I was watching website Giant Bomb do their weekly Thursday Night Throwdown multiplayer session, where they were playing the 1999 shooter classic Quake III Arena. One of the hosts said “Remember when Interscope Records put out a Quake III map and models?” I was thinking such a thing did not exist and they were merely joking. They weren’t.

The map is called Chronic, and it’s a deathmatch map. Resembling a city block straight from “the streets,” it has cars, a few buildings, and loads of Eminem ads. Apparently this particular map was made as promotion for the then-unreleased Marshall Mathers LP, complete with ads for the album, for Eminem and Dre’s common sponsors at the time, and even snippets of music from the album. Although, it’s clear this guy wasn’t a great mapper. Some problems include the bots constantly walking back and forth into the telephone booth teleporters, as well as sound glitches where the music track would play more than once and have this really loud overlap. Also, a good chunk of the power-ups also require the player to rocket jump, meaning this map was clearly made for veterans of the game and not for newbies.

Yes, there are Eminem and Dre avatars for the game. Complete with unique dialogue. Much like everything else in the map, the mapper seemed to not know how to do bot dialogue well, as there are a lot of unnecessary underscores in a lot of the text. Presumably this was done to get around certain chat restrictions, but I’m not sure. Other than that, it’s just a simple-ass Quake III multiplayer map. There’s not much else to say about this one.

If you want to try the map out yourself, you can download it here. Quake III Arena is required to run it, and you can get it on Steam if you’re one of the few who never played this classic multiplayer shooter. I can’t blame you if you haven’t played it, Unreal Tournament was better anyway.